The botanical name of Bearded Iris plant is Iris germanica and the common name is Bearded iris. Actually few flowers can boast the diversity and distribution of the Iris genus, which includes a number of distinct groups, each of the group with unique cultural needs. Although all iris plants share sword-like leaves and flowers with 6 spreading or drooping lobes, there are groups that grow from creeping rhizomes while others groups of the plant grow from bulb structures; some iris plant groups are categorized as "bearded," why others as "beardless," and still others as "crested." The Japanese, Dutch, and the Siberian iris are among those that fall into the beardless category. But the bearded iris plant (Iris germanica) is arguably the most popular iris plant and the plant is among the easiest to grow. From the nursery starts, the bearded iris plant is usually planted in the spring and the plant will flower in its first year. If the plant is planted from bare roots, the plant can be planted in the fall or the spring; the bare root plants may actually not flower robustly until their second year. The bearded iris plants are toxic to cats and dogs. 
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