Roses have been discovered in three hundred and sixty species and they are classified as blooming plants of the genus Rosa. Rose plants are woody perennial flowering plants of the Rosa genus and Rosaceae family. Actually Rose plants main features are erect shrubs, climbing with the help of stems. The botanical name of Rose plants is Rosa Rubiginosa. Rose plants actually has a wide range of color variations like yellow, red, white, blue and many more. Growing the plant in the garden is one of the great joys of gardening. This wonderful plant will bring beauty to your home and garden for many years. One of the truly unique characteristics of rose plants is that the plants are amazingly versatile. Actually there are rose plants for almost any landscape application: beautiful hybrid teas, groundcovers for a carpet of color and climbers for architectural interest; elegant tree roses for color around a patio or deck and shrub roses for a striking hedge. Most of the species of Rose plants originated from Asia, Europe, and North America. The Rose plants will adapt to your personal gardening style whether you prefer a formal setting or a casual cottage garden. The Rose plants are hardy plants and the plant flourish in a wide range of conditions, but the plant do have a few basic requirements that you should consider before planting them indoor or in your garden. Each of the species of Rose plants is easily hybridized and due to this reason, the development of a garden is very easy for rose plants. 

This Rose Plant Care eBook contains a step by step guide on how to grow and care for Roses. Everything you need to know about growing Roses are contain in this book; Roses varieties, Pest and disease control in Roses, Soil requirement, light requirement, water requirement, fertilizer requirement, Mulching, Spacing, etc. This book contains everything about growing Roses. You can purchase the Rose Plant Care eBook on Kobo store for $2.99


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