The scientific name of Croton plant is Codiaeum variegatum and the plant has colorful variegated foliage and nearly limitless leaf forms with hundreds of different varieties. The Croton plants actually grow best outdoors in warm, humid climates. The Croton plants like full to dappled light and plentiful water. Actually growing the plants indoors can be a challenge to mimic their ideal conditions. The outdoor croton plants can reach about eight feet tall, but as pot-grown houseplants the Croton plant tend to be much smaller, making the plant a good indoor plant in that regard. Generally, the Croton plants grow relatively slowly, gaining below a foot per growing season.

Furthermore, one of the primary challenges with the Croton plant care indoors is maintaining the plant ideal temperature. If it is too cold, the Croton plant will start losing their leaves. However, the croton plants are well worth the effort for the explosion of color the plant can provide in a space.

The Croton plants can be planted any time of the year, depending entirely on the temperatures remaining consistently seventy to eighty degrees Fahrenheit indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Be very careful about where you plant, as the croton plants are toxic to animals and humans. 

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