The scientific name of Monstera plant is Monstera deliciosa and the plant grows best in humid and warm environments, requiring dappled or partial light, acidic or neutral, a well-drained peat-based soil, and also temperatures between sixty-five degree Fahrenheit and eighty-five degree Fahrenheit. The Monstera plant is a beautiful plant, but it is toxic to pets and humans.

 This Monstera Care For Beginners eBook contains a step by step guide on how to grow and care for Monstera plant. Everything you need to know about growing Monstera plant are contain in this book; Monstera plant varieties, Pest and disease control in Monstera plant, Soil requirement, light requirement, water requirement, fertilizer requirement, how to grow Monstera plant in containers, How to propagate Monstera plant, how to prune Monstera plant, etc. This book contains everything about growing Monstera plant. You can purchase the Monstera Care For Beginners eBook on Kobo store for $2.99


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