The botanical name of Begonia Rex is Begonia rex-cultorum and the plant is also commonly known as painted-leaf begonia or fancy-leaf begonia. The Begonia Rex plant is a semi-tropical perennial plant known for its large variegated leaves in brightly colored shades of red, green, silver, and even purple. The Begonia Rex plants are typically grown as an outdoor container plant or houseplant. The Begonia Rex plants are round in shape and usually reach a height and diameter of 8 to twelve inches. 

Furthermore, it can be really challenging to find just the right conditions for this type of begonia to display its best leaf color. Light requirement for growing the plant is not usually the issue but temperature can be a challenge. The ideal daytime temperature requirement for growing this plant to thrive hover around seventy degree Fahrenheit, nighttime temperatures around sixty degree Fahrenheit, and indoors, a constant humidity level around fifty percent would suffice. Note that the Begonia Rex plant is toxic to animals. 

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