Are daffodils easy to grow? Actually daffodils reproduce from bulbs in most gardens coming up year after year. The thought of growing daffodils plant from seed may seem a bit unusual; however you can do it if you've got the time and patience. Growing daffodil plant seeds are a very simple proposition, but turning the daffodil seed into a blooming plant can take about 5 years or more. How to grow daffodils? Continue reading to learn how to propagate daffodil from seed after collecting the seeds from your garden.


What Do Daffodil Seed Pods Look Like?

Actually daffodil seed cultivation is a very simple process, mostly requiring patience. Once the bees have pollinated your daffodil flowers in the garden, a seedpod will grow at the base of the bloom. Make sure you don't deadhead your prettiest flowers; instead you can simply tie a piece of string around each stem to mark it for later in the season. In the fall when the daffodil plants are brown and brittle, the daffodil seed pods at the end of the stems hold the seeds. Just shake the stems, and if you hear the dried seeds rattling around inside, they're ready for harvest. Just snap off the pods and then hold them over an envelope. Shake the pods, squeezing them lightly, to allow the daffodil seeds to drop out of the pods and into the envelope.


How to Grow Daffodil from Seed

The young daffodil plants must grow indoors for at least the first year, so knowing when to plant daffodil seeds is more a matter of when you have the time to grow them. You can begin with a large tray or pot filled with fresh potting soil. Plant the daffodil seeds about two inches apart, and then cover them with ½ inch (1.25 cm.) of soil. You need to place the pot where it can get at least half a day of direct sunlight, and then keep it in a warm spot. Make sure you keep the potting soil moist by misting it each day. The daffodil seeds may take weeks to sprout and will look like little blades of grass or small onion sprouts when they first come up. Grow the daffodil plants until the bulblets underground start to grow big enough to almost touch, then dig them up and replant them in larger homes. Dig up and replant the daffodil bulbs each time they grow large enough. Actually it will take about 2 to 5 years before you see the first bloom from your seed-grown daffodils.

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