This plant known as Holly Bushes are popular for their glossy leaves and berries that are often used in holiday decorations. The Holly Bushes are widely used in the home landscape. Holly which is also called Ilex is a hardy group of primarily evergreen shrubs and trees. Hollies are tough plants that actually require minimal maintenance. Holly berries are also a main food source for many birds and other wildlife. Which means you need to watch for birds while you admire the colorful berries at the top of the deep green foliage backdrop? Holly Bush varieties are extremely diverse and the plants offer all shapes and sizes that is perfect for any landscape plan.


Pruning Holly Bush

Actually, most Holly Bushes can be pruned heavily or not at all. Heavy pruning of the plant is best saved for winter while light trimming can easily be done anytime. You can easily remove dead or broken branches when you notice them. Trim the Holly Bush Hedge in late spring after new growth has emerged yearly to keep the hedge looking nice and tidy.

Furthermore, Holly Bushes grown in mild climates can be planted any time of year. Make sure you avoid Holly Bush planting in summer in hot climates or you supplement with plenty of water. Make sure you plant no later than early or mid-fall in colder climates to give the Holly plant plenty of time to establish before winter.


Holly Bush Care

Most Holly Bushes actually grow in full sun or part shade and they are adaptable to any soil. The Holly Bushes should be watered well when they are planted and should be kept moist with a deep watering at least once per week for the first two to three months. Add one to two inches of mulch to help hold in moisture and protect the roots. Pine bark or pine straw is actually a great choice for evergreen plants. Once the plant is established, they are drought tolerant. You can fertilize your holly shrub when planting and once yearly in spring with Espoma Holly Tone.


How to Plant Holly Bushes

You can start by watering your Holly Bush thoroughly in its pot. Then, dig a hole two times as wide and not quite as deep as the root ball is tall. Put your Holly Bush evenly in the hole. The top of the root ball should be slightly higher than the existing soil line. Then backfill with the soil you dug out. Make sure you water deeply until the water begins to pool on the surface of the ground. Water daily for the first week, three times per week the 2nd and 3rd week, and one to two times weekly thereafter for the first two to three months until your Holly Bush is established.  

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