From my little experience Blue flowers are really hard to find in the garden -- most lean toward purple hues. Blue Daze flowers are low-growing herbaceous perennial that features true-blue flowers that really stand out against the attractive, olive-green leaves. Blue Daze flowers are perfect for borders or containers, these particular plant blooms all summer long when they are cared for properly.

The climate and temperature requirement

Evolvulus glomeratus which is also known as Blue Daze is a warmth-loving plant. This plant is hardy in USDA plant hardiness zones 8 through 11. During cooler climates, Blue Daze flowers are often grown as an annual or in a container that is brought indoors for the winter. Make sure the plant is situated where it will stay nice and warm. If you actually have a hot spot in your garden where other plants wilt, you can replace those plants with this flower. The Blue Daze flowers really like it hot. Blue Daze flowers can even tolerate a salty condition, which means if you live near the coast, you can plant this flower in a hanging container and watch it withstand the salty air. A lot of outdoor plants die at the first hint of freezing temperatures, just make sure you bring the container plants indoors well before cool fall temperatures arise. There are some Blue Daze plants that can really tolerate a light frost if they are surrounded by a thick layer of mulch.

The Light and Location

If you actually want this plant to bloom properly, the plant will need full sunlight. Each of the Blue Daze flower opens for only one day, but they are replaced by a new flower the next day. By peradventure if the day is cloudy or the plant is shaded, the Blue Daze flower won't open and its brief life is wasted. Make sure you locate these plants even those grown in containers, where they will really get much hot, direct sunlight. This plant really tolerates a range of soils, even including poor or sandy soil, as long as the soil is well drained. If you actually bring the container indoors for the winter, you can locate it in a bright but indirect sunlight and in a cool location.

The feeding and watering

This plant is a prolific bloomer, the plant really benefits from monthly applications of fertilizer during the growing season. You can use a bloom-boosting 15-30-15 formulation, water-soluble fertilizer once a month. Make sure you follow the instructions for application on the package. Although these instructions really vary depending on the brand, but under normal condition, you can dilute one tablespoon of the fertilizer in one gallon of water and use this solution to water the plants. This plant really thrives in full, hot sunlight, which means it really needs frequent watering. Make sure you water when the surface of the soil feels dry to the touch. During winter, the plants need little watering.

Pest control

Evolvulus glomeratus which is also known as Blue Daze is a hardy plant. This plant does not really suffer from serious pest or disease problems. Although the plant cannot tolerate soggy soil. An extended period of rain can really cause fungal problems to develop in the soil, this can quickly destroy the shallow roots of the plant. Also overwatering the plants can lead to the same result. Make sure the plants that are grown in containers have drainage holes in the base to prevent this problem. As a home gardener try and avoid planting Blue Daze in depressions or other locations that tend to collect water.

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