This particular flower are versatile, they are attractive in the landscape and also useful in the garden. From my little experience nasturtium plants are fully edible and growing them can be used to lure aphids away from other plants in the garden. This plant is really easy to grow and they may be climbing, cascading or bushy. This plant care is minimal, actually this plant is one of those specimens that thrive on neglect. In most case rich fertile soil or even too much fertilizer can result in lush foliage growth and few nasturtium flowers. Furthermore, the old-fashioned nasturtium plant, Tropaeolum majus, is popular in the garden as an edible. Nasturtium flowers can be use as a spiller in window boxes and hanging baskets. You can plant bush type nasturtiums as aphid traps in the vegetable garden. Growing nasturtiums plant can also add a peppery taste to salads or decorate a cake.

Different varieties of Nasturtium

Nasturtium plant is an easy to grow plant that comes in more than 50 varieties. Whichever variety you choose to grow in your garden, make sure you plant in a full to part sun area with well-drained but otherwise poor soil for more and bigger blooms. From my own experience dwarf and variegated nasturtium varieties add an ornamental element to small containers or mixed in with solid green foliage plants and white blooms. Actually if you are using the nasturtium in a container combination, just make sure the other plants do not require a lot of water or fertilizer, as the nasturtium needs little of either.

Steps on how to grow Nasturtiums

The large seeds of the nasturtium plants need to be sown directly into their permanent location, as nasturtium flowers do not really transplant well. If you actually want to start seeds of nasturtium flowers you need to transplant them, you can use peat pots which can be planted into the ground without disturbing the roots of the growing nasturtium seedling. The seed coat can be manipulated for faster germination when growing nasturtium flower. You can nick the seed or soak it overnight in lukewarm water. Make sure you plant immediately into a container or area of the garden which allows plenty of room for growth. You can actually place a trellis near the planting area of climbing nasturtium varieties and then train the colorful vines to climb with little effort. Now that you have actually seen the simple ways on how to grow nasturtiums, you can add several in the spring and summer landscape. Like I said earlier care of nasturtiums is amazingly simple, just plant them and forget them.

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