This plant called Aurinia saxatilis has a nicknamed called Basket-of-Gold, the plant is known for its beautiful yellow blooms, Aurinia saxatilis is an evergreen perennial plant from the Brassicaceae family and is native to Asia and Europe.
This particular plant species is a synonym of the Alyssum Saxatile plant and is considered one of the most robust flowering plants.
The plant native habitat is rocky and mountainous, making it ideal for rock gardens and sloping grounds. The plant flowers add a beautiful touch of brightness.
Aurinia saxatilis plant is a relatively fast grower and under the right growing conditions, Aurinia saxatilis plant can reach its full maturity within two to five years.
This evergreen perennial can also reach a height of four to twelve inches and it has a mound up to sixteen to twenty inches across.
Aurinia saxatilis plant growth consists of a woody base with simple and small green-grey leaves, which get surrounded by a plethora of yellow flowers in the springtime.
Furthermore, it is the abundance of bright yellow flowers that actually gives Aurinia saxatilis plants the name Basket of Gold.
During mid to late spring, the Aurinia saxatilis plant will start sprouting yellow flowers, which will cover a large area, hiding the green foliage. Aurinia saxatilis plant blooms racemes or panicles of small yellow or white flowers. Each of the flowers has 4 petals, which stay on display for at least four to six weeks in spring.

The Light and Temperature

Aurinia saxatilis (Basket-of-Gold) plants are hardy to United States Department of Agriculture Zones 4 through 10.
Aurinia saxatilis (Basket-of-Gold) plants can sustain different climates and weather conditions without any implications and still look just as pleasing to the eye.
If the plant gets too hot, some afternoon shade is much appreciated. This plant really loves locations where the sun shines for at least six hours during the daytime.

The Watering and Feeding of plant

Aurinia saxatilis (Basket-of-Gold) plants are drought-tolerant and they prefer soils on the dry side. That does not mean that you should not water the plants regularly. Make sure you space the watering so that the roots will not drown in water and moisture.
One of the many good things about Aurinia saxatilis (Basket-of-Gold) plants includes its virtually indestructible nature.
Aurinia saxatilis (Basket-of-Gold) plant can survive in soils with poor fertility, which makes feeding not necessary.
If you still want to feed the plant you can add some complete plant food in early spring. Even though it is not essential, it will really give it a boost.

The soil and transplanting

When it actually comes to soil, Aurinia saxatilis (Basket-of-Gold) prefers average to sandy soil mixtures. A very heavy soil like clay does not sit well with the plant and it tends to interfere with its growth. Try and make sure the soil is well-draining. This is really very important as poorly-drained soils stay moist for long periods, which can actually lead to root rot.
If you are transplanting the plant make sure the soil is on the dry side. You can space the seedlings or cuttings about four inches apart to allow the roots to develop. Doing this will really encourage a healthy spread of the plant in the garden.

Maintenance of plant

Aurinia saxatilis (Basket-of-Gold) is quite low maintenance, most especially when it comes to grooming. If you actually don’t mind the carpet-like spread of the plant, you don’t really need to shear it. Which means you only need to shear if you prefer a more neat and tidy appearance. If you are actually planning on collecting the seeds or want the plant to self-seed you can cut back the foliage.

How to Propagate Aurinia saxatilis (Basket-of-Gold)

Aurinia saxatilis (Basket-of-Gold) is propagated in two ways i.e., softwood cutting and with seeds. You can collect the seeds and sow them in individual pots in a cold frame. If the seeds have germinated and sprouted a few strong shoots you can transplant them into their permanent locations. Make sure you provide the best care for them in other to allow the roots to establish. Softwood cuttings need to be rooted in the spring. You can place the cuttings directly in the soil and then keep the soil moist.

Pest and disease control in Aurinia Saxatilis

This particular plant is without any serious pest or disease problems. Although there might be an occasional aphid attack, they can be dealt with easily. One of the easiest ways to take care of aphids is by mixing a few tablespoons of dish soap or insecticidal soap in a pint of water and then spraying it on the Aurinia saxatilis plant. By peradventure if it does not work, you can head to your local gardening center to find a more robust solution.

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