The scientific name of Tulip plant is Tulipa spp. And the plants are actually a vibrant, cheerful flower that brings a smile to anyone’s face and they are a symbol of spring. The Tulips plants come in a variety of colors, with some varieties even being multi-colored. This wonderful flower can make for a casual bouquet on your kitchen counter or an elegant, more formal arrangement for a special occasion. Tulip plants can range from four to thirty inches tall. Actually Tulip plants grow upright with a single flower at the end of a hardy stem. This beautiful perennial flower is a classic spring-blooming bulbs prized for their showy flowers that come in a wide range of colors–nearly all colors except true blue. A lot of tulips are bi-colored. Tulips have about hundred species and they are all organized into fifteen divisions based on the flower shape and origin. The Tulips smaller species are actually used in informal beds, borders, and rock gardens, why the taller and the larger hybrid tulips are dramatic and they are good choices for formal, massed beds, and in clumps in the flower garden or shrub border. This wonderful perennial flower makes excellent cut flowers as well. 

This Tulip Bulbs Care eBook contains a step by step guide on how to grow and care for Tulip bulbs. Everything you need to know about growing Tulip bulbs are contain in this book; Tulip varieties, Pest and disease control in Tulip plants, Soil requirement, light requirement, water requirement, fertilizer requirement, how to grow Tulip bulbs in containers, how to prune Tulip plants, Selecting Tulip Bulbs for planting, When to plant Tulip bulb, Where to plant Tulip bulb, How to plant Tulip bulbs, Harvesting and Storing Tulip Bulbs, etc. This book contains everything about growing Tulip bulbs. You can purchase the Tulip Bulbs Care eBook on Kobo store for $2.99


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