The Amaryllis plant scientific name is Hippeastrum and the plant is also known as Barbados Lily. The Amaryllis plant is available year-round, and it has textured, large bell-shaped flowers that make excellent cut flowers and container plants, most especially around Christmas. The Amaryllis plants come in a wide variety of colors and color combinations, with tall varieties and hybrid varieties that bloom quickly on short stems. One of the most common practices is to grow the amaryllis plant in containers for winter blooming. Make sure you start with a quality bulb. If the Amaryllis is properly cared for, the bulbs will produce for decades and may bear up to 6 flowers on a single stalk; each flower of the plant is capable of becoming six inches in diameter. 2 stalks per bulb are typical. Potting the Amaryllis bulb can be easily done any time after a 2 month dormant or rest period. The Amaryllis bulb generally becomes dormant in late summer. 

The Amaryllis bulb and soil should be dry at the time of planting, and the offshoots can be easily removed and potted separately if desired. You can use a small container, with only an inch between the Amaryllis bulb and the pot. Enough room for your thumb is a good rule. You can use a well-drained potting soil, and then plant the bulb so that ½ to 2/3 of the bulb neck is above the soil line. Make sure you leave about ½ inch of space between the soil the pot rim to facilitate watering. Thoroughly water after potting and then keep the soil slightly moist until flowering. When flowering begins you can increase the watering frequency. The Amaryllis plant prefers bright sunlight and temperatures between seventy and seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit. After flowering begins, cooler temperatures (sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit to as low as forty degrees Fahrenheit) will prolong the life of the flowers. As the Amaryllis plant grows, you can rotate the pot to keep the flower stalk straight because it will want to grow toward the light. Staking may be necessary if the Amaryllis variety is tall or the plant stretches due to too much nitrogen or too little light. Plants will bloom six to eight weeks after potting. You can apply a water soluble, liquid all-purpose fertilizer at half rate after the Amaryllis bulb has sprouted and at 6 week intervals thereafter. After each stalk of the flowers has peaked and begun to fade you can carefully cut the stalk off two inches from the base. The Amaryllis plant can be grown indoors for the rest of the winter and then set outdoors in a sunny location in the spring after any chance of frost. As the Amaryllis plant begins to decline during the summer you can allow the foliage to droop and yellow so the Amaryllis bulb will mature. You can also restrict watering as the Amaryllis bulb begins its resting period. Bring the Amaryllis bulbs indoors in September and then store them for at least 2 months in a cool dark location. You can cut off the foliage after it has wilted and died. After the Amaryllis bulb rest period, the process can begin again. If needed, the Amaryllis bulb can be repotted, or a small amount of soil can be added to replace soil that washed away or settled out. Used as cut flowers, amaryllis will last for six to twelve days. Cut the Amaryllis plant stem neatly with a good sharp knife and place into a tall container filled with water almost hot to the touch. Let the water cool for a few hours and then arrange. The Amaryllis plant does best if not arranged in floral foam. Re-cut the stems every 2 to 3 days and then repeat the hot water treatment. Keep the Amaryllis flowers in a cool location at night. 

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