The botanical name of Coleus plant is Plectranthus scutellarioides and the plant are foliage plants in a wide selection of colors and patterns for the annual garden. The Coleus plants are easy to grow, and the plant stay vibrant in both sun and shade, and they are tolerant of soil type. New colors and patterns of the Coleus plants are introduced regularly including the dwarf varieties of the plant, the trailing types and the big-leaf, upright plants that grow to three and half feet tall.

Furthermore, at maturity the coleus plant produces a tiny blue or white flower on spikes but these are often pinched out in other to encourage more brilliantly colored leaves. If the Coleus is planted in spring, the plant will provide season-long interest, and then dying back with the first frost. The Coleus plant is most often set out in the garden but they can be grown indoors for several seasons. The Coleus plant is toxic to cats, dogs and horses.

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