The botanical name of Adenium plants is Adenium obesum and the plant is also known as desert rose. The Adenium plant is a succulent and is a slow-growing plant, only growing about twelve inches per year. The Adenium plants are often used as a bonsai plant thanks to its thick succulent trunk, thin and delicate leaves, and luscious, deep pink trumpeting flowers. The Adenium plant is native to Africa, the Middle East, and Madagascar. This wonderful succulent plant is an indoor or outdoor plant depending on your location. In several tropical and warmer climates (USDA Hardiness zones eleven and twelve), the Adenium plant is a widely-used ornamental outdoor plant, and in cooler zones, the plant is grown indoors.

The Adenium plant is best planted in the spring, and the plant will die if it is exposed to frost and freezing temperatures. The Adenium plant is a member of the dogbane family, the sap of the Adenium plant is toxic to human and pets

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