The botanical name of Amaryllis plants is Hippeastrum and the plant actually originated from central and southern America. This wonderful perennial plant is a striking indoor plant that is easy to grow. The plant will light up your home with its stunning trumpet-like blooms, strappy leaves, and delicate fragrance.

Amaryllis plants have tall flower spires, reaching thirty centimeter to even sixty centimeter for some varieties, and the flower heads are large and dramatic. How do you grow amaryllis in your house? Amaryllis plants add a touch of style to any room in the home and they are also ideal plants to try if you’ve never grown bulbs before, you can just plant it in the container and add water.

Furthermore, the Amaryllis bulbs make a spectacular houseplant and are great to give as a gift. Amaryllis bulbs are also ideal bulbs for kids because they are so easy to grow. What you just need is some soil and water, a bright windowsill, and a little patience.

The Amaryllis plant flowers actually come in a range of colors, but some striking varieties are the pure white blooms of ‘Christmas Gift’, rich ruby ‘Red Lion’ and the elegant pink and white stripes of ‘Wonderland’

It is very vital to note that amaryllis plants can be harmful when eaten for humans, cats, and dogs, so it is actually wise to keep the plant out of reach from curious hands or paws.


What is the Secret to Growing Amaryllis?

Plant the Amaryllis bulbs in October for early flowers in time for Christmas, making the Amaryllis plants the perfect living Christmas decoration. Amaryllis plants are actually a fantastic addition to the Christmas dinner table as part of the centerpiece.

On the other hand, you can plant it later on in the year and fill your home with color during the darker winter months and early spring.

Actually, the trick to successfully growing amaryllis is to plant the amaryllis bulb in a container that is only slightly larger than the width of the bulb because the plant grows best when slightly pot bound.

Another secret to grow amaryllis is to soak the bulb for a few hours which will help to hydrate the roots and give a head start to the growing process. Then, plant the Amaryllis bulb in peat-free all-purpose compost, leaving the top third of the bulb sitting above the soil level when you plant it.

Place the pot in a brightly lit spot on a windowsill and then water sparingly until it shoots. Then, increase the watering in other to keep the soil moist. Does amaryllis like full sun indoors? Make sure you turn the pot regularly too, because amaryllis plant grows towards the light and turning the pot will keep the stem straight.

Amaryllis plant should flower 6 to 8 weeks from planting and the flowers will last for ages. To help the blooms stay fresh you can move the pot to a slightly cooler but still bright spot once it starts to flower.

Amaryllis bulbs flower naturally in spring, although as houseplants they are often planted early to force flowers in time for Christmas. You can simply plant the bulb in October, 6 to 8 weeks before Christmas to make sure the plant is in flower for the big day.


How Do You Care for An Amaryllis Plant Indoors?

With proper care for the plant the plant can go on producing spectacular flowers year after year. To do this you can easily feed the Amaryllis bulb with a balanced liquid fertilizer as it is growing and flowering. This will help to replenish the energy stored in the bulb, so it can flower again the following year.

Once the Amaryllis bulb has finished flowering and begins to dieback, you can easily cut off all the spent flowers and continue watering and fertilizing. In summer the Amaryllis plant leaves will go brown, and then you should stop watering and then cut back the foliage.

Simply begin watering again in spring to wake the Amaryllis bulb up. However, do not try and force the same bulb to flower early more than once every 3 years. Forcing weakens the bulb and it should be allowed to return to a normal cycle afterwards.

Amaryllis plant is actually the perfect plant to try if you have never grown bulbs or houseplants before because it is very easy. Give the plant a go in your home this year.

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