The botanical name of Alyssum plant is Lobularia maritime and the plant is from Brassicaceae family. The Alyssum plant is a short-lived perennial. Alyssum plant can be grown year-round in most climates. Make sure you avoid planting Alyssum in extremely hot or cold weather which can affect the seed germination and plant growth.


How Do You Collect Alyssum Seeds?

According to most gardeners, Alyssum plants commonly self-seed in the garden. The self-seeding plants drop seeds onto the soil at the end of the season that may germinate and grow without help the following season. Just choose a position where new plants will be welcome. If you do not actually want alyssum to become established in your garden you can easily deadhead the plants before they can drop seed or you can grow them in containers. Where does alyssum grow best? Alyssum plants are best grown in full sun or part shade. Make sure you choose a location that will receive at least three hours of full sun each day. Also alyssum plants need a well drained soil enriched with plenty of organic matter. You can prepare the soil by weeding it thoroughly, digging it over to loosen it and also add aged animal manure or compost. Make sure you also keep the area free of weeds until planting.


Planting Alyssum Seeds in Pots

Alyssum plants can also be easily grown in pots. If possible you can choose a variety that is recommended for container growing. Make sure you use a good quality potting mix and also make sure your container is large enough for mature plants; a minimum of ten liters is recommended for alyssum plant. During the plant growing season, keep in mind that container grown plants may need additional fertilizer in other to encourage healthy growth.

Do alyssum seeds need to be stratified? Actually alyssum seeds do not require any treatment (e.g. soaking, stratification) before sowing. You can easily sow alyssum seeds directly into the garden or the seedlings can be raised in trays or other containers and transplanted to the garden once established. Just sow the alyssum seeds directly in the garden 2mm deep and twenty centimeter apart. Make sure you keep the soil moist but never wet or dry. How long do alyssum seeds take to grow? Alyssum seeds should germinate in around seven to fourteen days at a soil temperature of 18-22°C. The young alyssum seedlings will need protection from pests, pets and weather until they are established.


Pest and Disease Control in Alyssum Plant

Downy Mildew: Actually downy mildew is a fungal disease that causes yellow to grey-brown patches on alyssum plant leaves, most especially the undersides. You can water the plants at soil level (not on the leaves), also remove and destroy the affected plant leaves and do not overcrowd the alyssum plants to ensure adequate air flow. If the problems actually persist you can spray with a homemade milk spray or fungicide.

Slugs and Snails on Alyssum: Slugs and snails are actually molluscs that feed on the tender alyssum plant leaves and shoots, mostly during night, leaving slimy trails behind them. You can easily control them by removing their hiding places, keeping free range poultry, you can also collect them using torchlight or by placing traps. 

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