Actually the Thuja Green Giant tree has become one of the most popular trees for creating a living screen. The Thuja Green Giant is adaptable to most soil types; the plant is tolerant of light shade and of moderate drought; and it grows extremely fast. The Thuja Green Giant tree has been called the tree of life and was brought to North America to be put in the United States National Arboretum in 1967 from Denmark.

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Thuja Green Giant Tree Info

The growing zones: 5-8

The soil type: Adaptable

Sunlight: Full

Drought tolerance: Good

Mature height: Forty to sixty feet

Mature width: Ten to fifteen feet

Growth rate: Fast

Flower color: Green


Thuja Green Giant Tree - FAQ

Question: How Far from a Fence Should I Plant a Thuja Green Giant

Answer: This fast growing tree will grow to be ten to fifteen feet wide so be sure to space at least ten feet from a fence line to prevent damage.

Question: When Is the Best Time To Plant A Thuja Green Giant?

Answer: Plant your Thuja hedge in spring before the hotter months giving it enough time to establish a healthy root system before the winter season.

Question: How Long Does It Take Thuja To Grow?

Answer: This evergreen will grow up to 36" per year up to maturity height of forty to sixty feet.


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Thuja Green Giant Tree Care

Planting: The tree is a large landscape tree and as such, requires a bit of planning before planting. First, measure the area where you would like to plant your hedge or row. You will need the length of the area of planting to estimate the number of trees you need.

When planting, dig a hole for each tree that is 3 times as wide as the root ball but just as deep. You don’t need to add anything to the planting hole. Place the tree, fill in around the tree with the same soil you took out when initially digging the hole. Finally, tamp down as you fill to cut back on any air pockets from forming, water the tree, and then mulch to conserve moisture.

Watering requirement: For the first 2 weeks, water your new Thuja Green Giant tree every other day by holding a hose around it and counting to 20. If you don’t have a hose, two large watering cans full of water will do (smaller trees may only need a light soaking so a single can may suffice).

During the second two weeks, switch to watering every 3 days with the same method mentioned above. After the first month, water once a week unless it is dry and hot (no rain and temperatures above eighty degrees). If it is hot and dry, water twice a week. After the first 6 months, the Thuja Green Giant tree will be established and won’t need any extra water. Your natural rainfall should be sufficient at this stage.

Fertilizer requirement: For optimal growth feed your Thuja ‘Green Giant’ tree with a balance evergreen tree and shrub fertilizer starting in the spring.

Pruning the tree: You won’t have to prune this tree if you are growing it with enough space for it to maintain its naturally graceful pyramid shape. If you’re growing several close together as a hedge, you can shear the plants yearly after the final frost.


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