The Dahlberg daisy plants which is also known as golden fleece or golden dogwood is actually a bright annual that blooms all summer long. Actually the dahlberg daisy plants are drought tolerant annuals with a profusion of cheerful yellow blooms. The dahlberg daisy plants are generally treated as an annual, the plants may survive for 2 to 3 seasons in frost free regions. Continue reading to find out how to care for dahlberg daisies and other dahlberg daisy information.


Dahlberg Daisy Plant Info

The Dahlberg daisy botanical name is Dyssodia tenuiloba syn. Thymophylla tenuiloba, the plants are small but mighty. The Dahlberg daisy plants actually have a plethora of small, ½ inch (1 cm.) wide golden flowers. The Dahlberg daisy plants have a bit of a trailing habit and are low growing, getting to around six to eight inches in height, and their feathery foliage has a pleasant citrusy aroma when crushed or bruised. There are many suitable areas for growing the Dahlberg daisy plants. The plants can be grown as massed groundcover for low borders and even in planters or hanging baskets. The Dahlberg daisy plants are native of south-central Texas and northern Mexico, the plants are exceptionally tolerant of dry conditions and, in fact, dislike high rainfall and humid conditions. The Dahlberg daisy plants can be grown in USDA zones five through eleven and zones 9b to eleven can begin growing the Dahlberg daisy plants in the fall for winter or spring flowers.


How to Grow Dahlberg Daisy

Grow the Dahlberg daisy plants in well-draining, sandy soil with a pH of 6.8 or higher in full sun. Most nurseries do not actually sell the plants, so plan to start the plant from seed. Don’t forget that it takes about 4 months from germination to bloom time, you need plan accordingly. Start the Dahlberg daisy seed indoors 8 to 10 weeks before the last frost in your area or outside after all danger of frost has passed. Keep the Dahlberg daisy seeds moist until germination occurs. You can transplant the dahlberg daisy plants outdoors once frost season is over. Thereafter, caring for the Dahlberg daisy plants is very easy. The Dahlberg daisy plants require no pruning and are generally disease and pest resistant. Caring for the Dahlberg daisy plants requires no more than watering once in a while, and that should be minimal. The Dahlberg daisy plants will do just fine unattended and will provide you with masses of color for months and, in most areas, for years to come, as the plants readily self-seed.  

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