Actually the dianthus flowers cover a broad range of different colors and sizes. The dianthus plant is also known as sweet william or carnations and they can flower in purples, whites, pinks and more. The dianthus plant can grown into small sub-shrubs or spread as ground cover also. As a result, when you choose your dianthus, it is imperative to note the plants full 'variety' name.


Different Varieties of Dianthus

-         The border carnations variety:  The final size is 60cm, the flowers are large.

-         The perpetual flowering carnations variety:  They are non hardy, the final size is150cm, repeat bloomers.

-         The old fashioned pinks variety: The final size is 45cm, they are evergreen perennials, mound forming, silvery / blue foliage, Mass of color in summer.

-         The modern pinks variety: The final size is 45cm, Repeat Bloomers - three times each summer.

-         The alpine pinks variety: The final size is 10cm, they are ground cover perennials.


How to Sow Dianthus Seeds

-         Sow the dianthus seeds in early spring.

-         Dianthus seeds germination time is two to three weeks.

-         The dianthus seeds can be sown directly outdoors

-         They can also be sown in an unheated greenhouse.

-         Don’t sow the dianthus seeds in damp soil.

-         Space them about 15cm apart.

-         Lightly cover the dianthus seeds with soil or vermiculite.


Where Does Dianthus Grow Best?

-         The dianthus plant likes a sunny spot.

-         The plant requires rich and free draining soil.

-         Make sure you avoid frost pockets and exposed locations.

-         The Alpine varieties actually prefer stony, dry soils.


When to Plant Dianthus

-         You can easily propagate your Dianthus plant in early Spring.

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