The Joe-pye weed is also known as Eupatorium purpureum, this plant is actually far from an unwanted weed. The Joe-pye weed is an attractive plant that produces pale pink-purple flowers that last from midsummer through fall. The Joe-pye weed is a great addition to nearly any garden and a must have for wildlife lovers, attracting a multitude of butterflies with its sweet nectar. Growing the Joe-pye weed flowers in your backyard is a wonderful way to bring a little bit of nature to your backyard. Continue reading to learn how to grow and care for Joe-pye weed.

This wonderful flowers known as Joe-pye weed flowers were named after a New England man that used the plant medicinally for helping people with typhus fever. Also the flowers and seeds of this plant have been used in producing pink or red dye for textiles. Actually in their native environment, they can easily be found in thickets and woodlands throughout the eastern half of North America. The Joe-pye weed plants are hardy from USDA Zones four through nine. The plant can reach heights of anywhere between three and twelve feet, offering great focal interest when using them in the garden. The Joe-pye weed flowers have a light vanilla fragrance that becomes more intense when crushed.  


Growing Joe-Pye Weed Plant

The plant actually prefers full sun to partial shade in the garden. The plant also likes to be kept somewhat moist in average to rich soil. The growing Joe-pye weed plants will even tolerate wet soil conditions but not overly dry sites. In areas with hot, dry summers, you can plant Joe-pye weed in partially shaded locales. Spring or fall is actually the most suitable time for when to plant the Joe-pye weed. Due to the large size of the plant, it makes a great background plant but it also needs plenty of room to grow. In fact, Joe-pye weed is best planted on twenty-four inch centers as they will eventually form large clumps. When growing the Joe-pye weed plant in the garden, make sure you group it with similar woodland plants and ornamental grasses. If you don’t have this wildflower presently growing on your property, you can easily find them in some nurseries and garden centers. They are also sold as E. maculatum. This type of Joe-pye weed has more foliage and the flower heads is as is wild counterpart. ‘Gateway’ is actually a popular cultivar for home gardens as it is a somewhat shorter variety.  


Joe-Pye Weed Plant Care

The Joe-pye weed plant care requires little maintenance. The Joe-pye weed plant does enjoy regular, deep watering and they will withstand heat and drought fairly well when the soil is kept moist or shade is provided. A layer of mulch will also help retain moisture levels too. The older Joe-pye weed plants can be divided and replanted in the early spring as new growth starts or fall. When the center dies out of Joe-pye weeds plant in the garden, then it’s time for division. You need to dig up the entire clump, then cut away and discard the dead center material. You can then replant the divided clumps. The plants will die back to the ground in late fall. This dead growth can be cut back or left over winter and cut in spring. Although it’s not the most recommended form of propagation, Joe-pye weed plants can be grown from seeds. They actually require stratification for about 10 days at forty degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you don’t cover the seeds as they require light for germination, which on average takes about 2 to 3 weeks. The root cuttings can also be taken in the spring.

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