Knautia Macedonia is an easy growing plant for a beginning perennial gardener, the plant care is very easy. Knautia Macedonia is really a good start for a new perennial gardener. Continue reading to learn more about how to care for Knautia Macedonia in the garden.


Knautia Macedonia Info

Knautia Macedonia is actually an easy, long-blooming perennial in the garden.  Knautia Macedonia are beautiful plants that display large amounts of dark pink to almost red pin-cushion blooms that are a little smaller than those of the Scabiosa plant. The foliage of the growing Knautia Macedonia is light and cut beautifully. Knautia Macedonia is not to be planted singly and must have other Knautias around them so they look “like they belong.” I have never seen (nor do I ever want to see) one Knautia plant all by its lonesome. There are very few health problems plaguing the Knautia Macedonia and once it really starts growing, the plant will provide you with plenty of cut-flowers, reaching upwards of three feet tall with a similar spread. The backs of perennial borders and beds are actually the great places for growing Knautia Macedonia.


How to Grow Knautia Macedonica

Knautia Macedonia is actually a fairly easy perennial to grow, the plant care is also minimal. The plant needs a little water, sun, and well-drained soil. You have to be patient when growing Knautia Macedonia. From the time you actually take one home from the garden center in that one gallon sized pot until the time it looks like a strong plant can take a little while, probably a 1 year growing cycle. Also, Knautia Macedonia that is grown at a nursery in pots can get a little bit leggy-looking due to overfeeding. Happy, healthy Knautia Macedonia will bloom for 3 months if deadheaded. Sometimes the Knautia Macedonia will get very tall and need staking, the plants are worth having regardless of this. Knautia Macedonia actually prefers soil that is a little infertile. In fact, the less fertile the soil, the less leggy-looking the Knautia Macedonia will be– just another reason that this is a good plant for the novice gardener. The Knautia Macedonia is a pest and disease resistant perennial, although it does not grow as well or look as good when kept too wet. Overhead watering, most especially in the heat, can cause a humidity problem, which is one of the Knautia Macedonia worst enemies and which can lead to root rot and other problems. The Knautia Macedonia in the Deep South is sometimes shorter-lived due to the intense heat and humid weather. 

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