Nicotiana flower can add a variety of color and form when grown in the ornamental flower bed. Nicotiana flowers are excellent as a bedding plant, the smaller cultivars can reach only a few inches (8 cm.), while others may grow as tall as five feet. Various sizes of this plant can be used at the front or back of a border and they will provide a sweetly fragrant experience on calm days and most especially in the evening. Flowering tobacco (Nicotiana alata), Flowers of nicotiana, are tubular shaped and they grow moderately too quickly. Too much fertilization when growing nicotiana flower can actually lead to excessive growth of the petite plants causing them to get leggy and cease flowering or flop.


  How to Grow Nicotiana Plant

Actually the Nicotiana flowering tobacco is most often grown and sold as an annual plant, although there are some species of the nicotiana flower that are really short lived perennials. Plant the Nicotiana seeds or seedlings into a sunny or partially shaded area of your garden with well-drained soil in late spring. Various species of the nicotiana flower may be short lived, providing attractive blooms for the early days of summer. While some other species may bloom until they are taken by frost. Make sure you are prepared to replace the nicotiana plant with a hot-weather annual or perennial. The blooming nicotiana flower is worthwhile as attractive two to four inch blooms to decorate your sunny locations. The plant is born in clusters on multi-branching stems, the nicotiana flower grows in shades of purple, red, pink, and white. There is also the lime green petaled nicotiana flower of the Saratoga rose cultivar. The care of this plant is basically watering and the deadheading spent flowers in other to encourage the return of more brilliant blooms. The nicotiana plant tolerates some drought and optimum flowering occurs in moist soil.


The Cultivars of Nicotiana Plant

About sixty-seven cultivars of flowering tobacco exist. The foliage of the nicotiana plant can be large, making the plant bushy. The cultivar Alata has leaves that can easily grow to about ten inches, with up to four inch blooms. Alata is one of the most fragrant varieties. Sylvestris varieties may reach a height of three to five feet with fragrant white flowers. The Merlin series reaches only nine to twelve inches and is appropriate for use in a front border or as part of a container planting.

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