Tulip bulbs are very easy to grow in containers. What you just need to do is to give the bulbs a drink of water and a place to chill out. The plant flower buds are already inside the bulbs. Tulip bulbs can be purchased online. Below is the basic information about Tulip plant;


The botanical name: The botanical name is Tulipa.

The common name: The common name is Tulips.

The plant type: The plant is a perennial flowering bulb.

The mature size: The mature size is about 9 to 24 inches tall (depending on the type)

The sun exposure: The plant does well in full sun.

The soil type: The plant prefers rich, medium-moisture, well-drained soil.

The soil pH: This should be between 6.0 to 7.0

The blooming time: The blooming time is April to May.

The flower color: The plant has all colors except blue.

Plant Hardiness Zones: USDA 3 to 8.

The native area: Tulip is originally from Central Europe and Eastern Asia, now widely cultivated and hybridized.

Plant toxicity: The plant is toxic to humans and pets.


Furthermore, growing tulips plant indoors is called forcing. You can start by selecting the biggest bulbs you can find.

Make sure you use a pot with a broad bottom such as an azalea pot. These are less likely to tip over when the Tulip plants actually get tall.

Make sure you fill the pots with potting soil, setting the tips of the tulip bulbs at the surface. Also place the bulbs close together, not more than two inches apart.

The largest leaves of a tulip plant bulb emerge out of the flat side of the plant bulb. Plant the bulb so its flat side is against the inner rim of the pot and the leaves will cascade over the rim.

The tulip plant bulbs actually need about fourteen weeks of cool temps (40s) before they will send out sprouts. The basement refrigerator is actually an ideal spot, however you can grow them in an unheated garage. Make sure you water before cooling and also keep the soil slightly moist but not wet.


When the plant start sprouting you can place them near a sunny window at a room temps. Within some few weeks the blooms will be thrilling!


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