Redwood Sorrel plants is really an excellent choice for shaded growing spaces in cool season gardens. This plant is a native perennial plant. Actually the plant is a low-growing flowering plant that is native to western coastal regions of the United States.

Redwood Sorrel plants is hardy to USDA growing zone 7, Redwood Sorrel plants is ideal for use as a groundcover and in wild plantings such as woodland gardens. The plant is quite small and the unique clover-shaped foliage and white-pink flowers are an excellent way to add visual interest and texture to landscape plantings.

How to grow Redwood Sorrel plants

The success in growing Redwood Sorrel plants largely depends on the growing zone. Actually gardeners that are living in hot and humid climates may have great difficulty growing Redwood Sorrel plants, the plant thrives in cool temperatures. In addition to the plants sensitivity to temperature, the plants actually require conditions that are consistently moist. The plants are native to redwood and evergreen forests. Redwood Sorrel plants thrive in low light conditions and they may suffer when too many hours of sun are received.

Furthermore, introducing the plant into native plantings is easy. As a gardener, one of the best options is to locate the transplants from specialty native plant garden centers, the plants may not be found elsewhere. You can also find the seeds of the plant online. If you want to purchase redwood sorrel plants or seeds, make sure you buy from a reputable source to ensure that the plants are correctly labeled and disease free. As with other native plants, those wishing to grow this plant should never collect or disturb established plantings in the wild.


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