The Spurflower plant is a shrubby plant from the mint (Lamiaceae) family. This plant is a fast-growing shrubby plant that can reach a mature height of about six to eight feet. The thick, velvety stems support plump, pale grey-green leaves with intense purple undersides. The showy, bluish-purple flowers bloom throughout much of the season, depending on the climate. 

Spurflower plant is a rambunctious plant that generates new plants from seed, or by re-sprouting stem fragments within the soil. Keep this in mind as some types of Spurflower plant can be invasive and harmful to native vegetation in certain areas. It is always advisable to check with your local Cooperative Extension before planting. Actually if the plant’s aggressive nature is a concern in your area, you can always plant the Spurflower plants in a container to reign in rampant growth. A lot of people have good luck growing Spurflower plant indoors. You can place the plant in a bright light but away from direct sun.  

How to grow Spurflower Plants
This plant is evergreen in United States Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 11. Spurflower plants are not killed by frost, although the top will die down and re-sprout from the roots. A hard freeze can easily kill the spurflower plants. The spurflower plant tolerates sun although they prefer dappled light or partial shade. This plant requires a well-drained soil. You can dig a few inches of compost, chopped leaves or other organic material into the soil before planting.

Spurflower plants care
The spurflower plants is quite drought tolerant, it looks its best with occasional irrigation, most especially during hot, dry weather. You can pinch the plant occasionally during active growth in other to promote a compact, bushy plant and prevent spindly, leggy growth. Although spurflower plants are relatively pest resistant, it is advisable to always watch for spider mites and mealybugs. By peradventure if you notice any pests on your spurflower plant, you can apply insecticidal soap spray, this will really take care of the problem.


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