Tower of Jewels plant is an amazing biennial plant that can grow from five to eight feet tall and is coated in the 2nd year with brilliant pink flowers. Tower of Jewels plant is native to the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco. Actually in this region the weather is mild with sunny warm sea breezes in summer and cool, although not freezing, winters. Tower Of Jewels plant starts its 1st year of life as a grayish to silver rosette set low to the ground.

Furthermore, in the second year the plant produces a tall, thick flower spire with slightly ragged silver foliage below. Tower Of Jewels plants are not terribly hardy, however a greenhouse is a great method for how to grow them. Temperate and warmer zone gardeners should try growing this plant as a centerpiece for the exterior landscape. The plant flower will really give you years upon years of breathtaking beauty and architectural delight.

Steps on how to grow Tower Of Jewels plants
This plant can really survive temperatures that is below 20 F. (-6 C.) if they are actually given some protection. Cooler areas should try as much as possible to grow the Tower Of Jewels plant in a solarium or greenhouse.
Actually the best soil for this plant is sandy to gritty and also a cactus soil works well for potted plants. You can site the Tower Of Jewels plant in full sun with some protection from the wind. Tower Of Jewels plants are quite drought tolerant but the superior plant care will really include regular watering in summer to help the plant produce a strong spire that doesn’t tip over.

Furthermore, if you are growing Tower Of Jewels plant seeds in colder zones it may require sowing in flats indoors at least 8 weeks before the date of the last frost. You can lay the plant seeds on top of the soil, dusting it with fine sand, and then put the flat on a seed heat mat or other warm location. Make sure you keep them lightly moist until germination and then ensure that the seedlings get bright sunlight and also daily watering.

How to care for Tower Of Jewels plants
The Tower Of Jewels plants take care of themselves for the most part. Make sure you watch for slug damage to rosettes in the 1st year and the indoor plants may become prey to red spider mites and whitefly. Also moderate watering will really help the Tower Of Jewels plants to grow strong and it will also prevent it from tipping over. Make sure you provide a stake if it gets too top heavy, most especially in potted plants. Do not cut back the flower until the plant seeds have had a chance to sow themselves. The Tower Of Jewels plants will really become the jewel of your garden and the plant is both rewarding and low maintenance.

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