The stonecrop plant comes in a wide variety of heights, colors, and forms. Actually the stonecrop plant is a popular garden plant that is extremely easy to grow. Some gardeners take this plant for granted because it does not bloom until the fall, but the plant requires little care from the gardener. Stonecrop plant has thick leaves that can withstand both drought and rainy weather. Also the flower buds form early and remain attractive well in winter. This plant will be perfect in your garden if deer does not eat them. 

Below is the basic information about the plant;

The botanical name: The botanical name is Sedum.

The common name: The common names are Border Stonecrop, Showy Stonecrop.

Plant hardiness zone: This plant can’t survive in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 - 10.

The mature size of the plant: The mature size of this plant is about 6 - 24 inches (H) x 12 - 24 inches (W).

The sun exposure for Stonecrop: Stonecrop will grow best in full sun. Actually this plant is drought tolerant, although the plant can get sunscald in extremely hot, dry conditions.

The blooming time: Stonecrop flowers don't actually open until late summer / early fall, the flower heads normally form early in the season.

Some of the best Stonecrop varieties to grow

The following are some of the best varieties to grow;

     1. Stonecrop Autumn Joy: Stonecrop Autumn Joy is still my favorite because it is such a wonderful, beautiful performer.

    2. The spectabile Brilliant: This variety has a clearer pink than most Sedum flowers.

    3. Vera Jamison Stonecrop: This variety has burgandy leaves and mauve flowers with a trailing habit.

    4. Black Jack Stonecrop.

    5. Stonecrop Cloud Nine.

How to grow Stonecrop plants
Like I said earlier, Stonecrop plants are very easy to grow. Stonecrop plants prefer well-drained soil, although they can tolerate rainy weather as well. Extreme heat and also lack of sun can cause Stonecrop plants to get a bit leggy. Actually pruning the Stonecrop plants back in early July will really encourage them to get bushier and to grow sturdier, although it can result in smaller flowers.
Some of the Stonecrop plants seed offered are for the low growing, ground cover varieties, not tall Stonecrop. Taller Stonecrops tend to be hybrids, and they will not grow true from seed. You have to start off with plants or divisions. 

How to care for Stonecrop Plants
Actually stonecrop flowers bloom only once; which is late in the season. This plant doesn’t need deadheading and they often look good through the winter. After several years, the center of stonecrop plants will show signs of dying out, this is a sure sign that they need dividing. Actually dividing at this point is really a good idea in other to keep the plant vigorous. The stem cuttings can also be taken at any time, to propagate more stonecrop.

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