These particular flowers are bright and cheerful annuals that can light up any dark and shady part of your garden. Impatiens flowers are quite easy to grow, although there are a few things to know about the flower care. Now let us take a look on how to plant and care for impatiens flower.

How to plant Impatiens Flowers

These particular plants are normally purchased as well-rooted plants from the garden center. Impatiens plant can also be propagated from seeds or cuttings very easily. When you bring the Impatiens plant home from the store, try as much as possible to keep them well watered until you get them in the ground. Impatiens plants are really very sensitive to lack of water and they can wilt quickly if they lack water. Also you can use the impatiens flowers as bedding plants, border plants or in containers. Impatiens plants enjoy moist and a well draining soil and partial to deep shade. Impatiens plants do not do so well in full sun, but if you would like to plant them in full sun, which means they will need to be acclimated to the harsher light. Just make sure you expose the impatiens plants to an increasing amount of sunlight over the course of a week. Immediately all danger of frost has passed, you can simply plant the impatiens flower out in your garden. If you want to plant the impatiens flowers, you have to gently squeeze the container that you bought them in to loosen the soil. You can invert the pot in your hand and the impatiens plant will fall out easily. By peradventure if it doesn’t, you can squeeze the pot again and check for roots that may be growing through the bottom. You can remove the excess roots growing through the bottom of the pot. Make sure you place the impatiens plant in a hole that is at least as deep and wide as the rootball. Make sure that the plant sits at the same level in the ground as it did in the pot. Make sure you gently backfill the hole and water the impatiens plant thoroughly. Also you can plant the impatiens flowers quite close to one another, inches apart if you like. The closer the impatiens flowers are planted together, the faster they will grow together to form a bank of lovely impatiens flowers.

How to care for Impatiens flowers

Once the impatiens plants are in the ground, the plant will need at least two inches of water a week if planted in the ground. And again if the temperatures rise above 85 F. (29 C.), the impatiens plants will need at least four inches per week. If the environment where the impatiens plants are planted does not receive that much rainfall, you will really need to water them yourself. If this plants are in containers they will need watering daily, and make sure you watered twice a day when the temperatures rise above 85 F. (29 C.). These flowers really do best if fertilized regularly. You can use water soluble fertilizer on the impatiens flowers every 2 weeks through spring and summer. And again you can also use slow release fertilizer at the beginning of the spring season and once more half way through summer. These plants do not need to be deadheaded. The impatiens plants self-clean their spent blooms and they will bloom profusely all season long.

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