The scientific name of chocolate scented daisy is Berlandiera lyrata. Growing this wonderful plant in the garden sends the scent of chocolate wafting through the air. Actually, the plant pleasant fragrance and yellow, daisy-like flowers is just a couple of reasons to grow the plant. The chocolate scented daisy attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and other important pollinators to the garden. Continue reading to learn how to grow berlandiera lyrata seeds.


Planting and Care of chocolate scented daisy

The chocolate scented daisy is an herbaceous perennial, the plant sometimes grows to two feet in height and the same in spread. Growing chocolate scented daisy with abundant growth may take on the form of a sprawling groundcover, so you actually need to allow plenty of room when planting the chocolate scented daisy. The berlandiera chocolate flower care involve pruning and clipping the plant in other to keep it within boundaries. The chocolate scented daisy can be trimmed back by one-third in summer if it begins to look untidy, followed by another show of the fragrant blooms. If you’re growing the berlandiera chocolate flower to feed the birds you can leave the seed heads intact. The chocolate scented daisy grows well in the arid and semi-arid areas of the southwest. You can easily start the chocolate scented daisy from seed in fall or in spring. Although the plant is somewhat drought resistant when established, chocolate daisy seeds must be kept moist for germination. The

Berlandiera chocolate flower care may involve watering regularly for the best show of blooms on growing the plants. Blooms may appear as early as April and last until autumn. Berlandiera chocolate flower are hardy to ten degrees Fahrenheit. Plant the berlandiera chocolate flower in a full to part sun location. You can plant it near the deck or another seating area to fully enjoy the fragrance. Care of berlandiera chocolate flower is simple and worthwhile, as the plant provides bright blooms with chocolate stripes underneath the petals and interesting, ornamental brown seedpods. Try growing berlandiera chocolate flower in your garden or flower bed. You can even add berlandiera chocolate flower to a chocolate garden. After all, a lot of people loves the smell of chocolate.   

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