The corydalis plants have bright colorful flowers that rise above neat mounds of delicate foliage; this makes the plant perfect for shady borders. Actually the foliage may remind you of a maidenhair fern and both the flowers and foliage actually look great in cut flower arrangements. The corydalis plants actually have a long flowering season that may last from spring until frost. Continue reading to learn more about growing corydalis plants.


Corydalis Plants Info

Planting position: Part shade

Soil requirement: Moist, well-drained

The flowering period: Spring

Plant hardiness: Fully hardy

The Corydalis plants are actually a low growing annuals, biennials or tuberous perennials with slender stems and also with small clumps of lush-green foliage. The tubular flowers of the plant form a showy clustered spray that neatly decorates the foliage throughout spring. The Corydalis plants are best planted in flower beds and borders within cottage, informal and wildflower gardens. Be expecting to see your Corydalis plants grow to an approximate height and spread of about fifteen to fifty centimeter depending on the variety.


How to Grow Corydalis Plants

The Corydalis plants are best planted in moist, well-drained soil of sand, clay, chalk and loam within an acidic, alkaline or neutral PH balance. You can amend the planting area with plenty of organic matter in other to improve the drainage and overall growing conditions of the Corydalis plants, as wet soils can be fatal. You can plant during the autumn at the same depth and width as the root ball. Make sure you water thoroughly. The Corydalis plants are best positioned in a site of part shade where they have protection from intense sunshine.


Corydalis Plant Care

Under the right conditions the Corydalis plants will require very little care and attention. You can easily deadhead spent blooms in other to prevent the plant from self-sowing which will also prolong the flowering period. Apart from this, no pruning is actually required. Make sure you water well during active growth by ensuring that the roots are not sitting in standing water.


Corydalis Plant Propagation

The Corydalis plants can be propagated by seed sown in containers or by division during the autumn.

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