Without been told Pansies are actually bright and happy flowers that has a delicate fragrance. Pansies have lovely face-like blooms that can brighten any winter garden and they also make a colorful border planting or container plant. Continue reading to learn how to grow pansies in a pot.


Growing pansies in a pot

The following are the steps on how to grow pansies in a pot;

1.    You have to choose a pot that is at least 200mm wide and deep. Make sure you position it in full sun to part shade.


2.    You have to fill the pots you have chosen with quality potting mix.


3.    Then plant directly into the pot by pressing the pansies seeds around 6mm deep into the surface of the pot.


4.    After sowing the Pansies seeds you need to cover the tray or pots with a sheet of newspaper or cardboard in other to limit the light to the seeds as the seed needs to be in darkness to germinate.


5.    Water the plant gently and keep moist through the germination period which is about three to four weeks.  Once the first Pansies seeds start to germinate, you can remove the newspaper or cardboard.


6.    You can feed them every two weeks with Liquid Plant Food to promote healthy pansy plants with lots of flowers



Some Growing Tips

1.    Make sure you remove spent blooms in other to encourage further flowers.

2.    The flowers are edible and they are also a great addition to salads, desserts and cakes.

3.    Some kids actually love picking the flowers and creating little posies with them.

4.    The pansies plant can be vulnerable to two key pests - caterpillars and aphids. Pest like Aphids can infest the stems, causing the pansies plants to yellow and grow poorly. While Caterpillars can chew through the plant leaves and ruin the flower buds. Both the caterpillars and aphids can be easily controlled with insecticide. You can spray the plants every two weeks to protect them from aphid and caterpillar damage.


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