Actually daylilies are fine-looking perennial flowers that have low maintenance and high reward. These beautiful perennial flowers earn a rightful place in plenty of flower beds and garden path borders. Just continue reading to learn more about how to grow potted daylily plants. BEST VARIETIES OF DAYLILIES CLICK HERE


How To Grow Daylilies In Containers

Daylilies grow well in pots. These beautiful perennial flowers are well suited to container life as long as they have enough room to grow. The smaller the variety the better the plant will be able to grow in a pot. Just make sure you don’t plant the full sized daylilies in anything smaller than a gallon container. BEST VARIETIES OF DAYLILIES CLICK HERE


How To Care For Daylilies In Containers

Daylilies that are grown in containers need lots of water. Actually container plants always dry out faster than garden plant. Make sure you plant your potted daylily plants in a rich soilless potting mix. This plant need full sun in order to thrive and bloom well. Make sure you place the containers in a spot that receives at least six hours of sun per day. Some varieties of daylilies that produce dark colored flowers benefit from a little shade. This plant are very cold hardy, although container plants are always more susceptible to winter damage. If you actually live in USDA zone seven or below, make sure you protect your plants in the winter. You can place the containers in an unheated garage or basement in other to keep them safe. Actually the colder your winter, the more protection the daylilies plant will need. You can move the containers back out into the sun to get them blooming again quickly as soon as spring hits. BEST VARIETIES OF DAYLILIES CLICK HERE

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