The black snakeroot plant is Native to Eastern North America, the plant is an easy care choice for moist soils, out of direct sun. The Black snakeroot plant tooth-edged leaves and fluffy spires of white blooms really bring light and texture to the garden. The plant leaf colors range from bright green, to burgundy, to chocolate brown. 

Below are the details of the plant;

Plant category:   This plant is perennial.

The available colors: The available color is white.

The bloom time: The bloom time is autumn.

The height range: The height range is 4-5' (1.2-1.5m).

The space range: The space range is 2-3' (0.6-0.9m).

Temperature requirement: Temperature requirement is -30° to -20°F (-34° to -29°C).

Exposure: The plant needs part shade.

The companion plants: The companion plants are Ligularia, Hosta, Jacob's Ladder.

USDA Hardiness Zones: 4 to12

Feeding: A slow release feed in spring.

Watering of plant: The plant must be kept well-watered.

Soil requirement: Black snakeroot plant does best in organic-rich soil.
Plant Care: Actually a rich, moist woodland soil is ideal. Water the plant as needed to keep the soil evenly moist, most especially in hot weather. The Black snakeroot plant may require staking in windy areas. You can apply a summer mulch to retain moisture.

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