Actually this plant called Twinflower (Dyschoriste oblongifolia) is a Florida native related to the snapdragon. Twinflower (Dyschoriste oblongifolia) produces blossoms in pairs which are beautiful light purple tubular flowers with dark purple or blue spots on the lower lip. 

Twinflower (Dyschoriste oblongifolia) is easy to grow and the flowers are attractive from a distance and striking up close. On this article you are going to learn everything about growing Twinflowers.

How to grow Twinflowers in the Garden

Like I said earlier, growing Dyschoriste twinflowers is quite easy. Actually these plants are small and delicate, and they can reach a maximum height of six to twelve inches (15-30 cm). Because of this, they make for beautiful groundcover and are particularly effective as a low tier plant in a mixed plant container arrangement or wildflower garden. Dyschoriste twinflowers reproduce both by underground runners and by seed, and can be grown from either seeds or cuttings. Dyschoriste twinflowers are evergreen in zones 7-11 and they can also be planted at any time of year in these zones. This plant flowers really attract a variety of pollinators, although the leaves are a particularly favorite food of the larval common buckeye butterfly. Blooming is actually strongest in late spring, however it can last from mid spring to as late as November.

How to care for Twinflower Plant

This plant care is really easy. Dyschoriste twinflowers prefer drier climates, although they die out quickly in both extreme moisture and drought. However twinflower plants reproduce through runners and spread easily, the plants are not particularly aggressive and they are often muscled out by larger plants. This simply means that they will not overrun your garden, although if you want to use them as groundcover, you should give them a designated spot all their own and room to spread if you want them to multiply. Dyschoriste twinflowers can reach a spread of about two feet (61 cm), but they grow very open. You can plant them densely to achieve a full appearance.

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