This plant is a fast growing, evergreen flowering shrub with dainty purple flowers. Bush violet is fairly drought resistant, although regular watering encourages growth. Actually pruning this plant in winter is necessary in other to keep it in a compact shape with new growth for spring. The flowers really attract butterflies. Below is the information about the plant;

The common name: The common name is Bush Violet.

The scientific name: The scientific name is Browallia speciosa.

The plant type: The plant is Annual.

Water requirement: Bush Violet needs moderate moisture, and it tolerates wet soil.

The soil pH: This is between 5.5 to 7.

The flower color: The flower color is purple-blue with white center.

The plant height at maturity: This is about 12" to 24"

The sun requirement: Bush Violet does well in full sun to partial Shade.

The origin: Bush violet originated from Southern Africa.

How to grow Bush violet

The Light requirement: Make sure you provide a position that is offering bright light with at least 4 hours of direct sunlight every day.

The watering of plant: Bush violet requires moderate watering, make sure is enough to make the potting mixture thoroughly moist.

The feeding of plant: You can begin the application of standard liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks and continue throughout the whole of the flowering period once the new plants are established.

The soil requirement: Bush violet really performs well in humusy, consistently moist, well-drained soils. You can easily prepare the bed by working in a little compost or sphagnum peat moss. Plant bush violet 20 to 25cm (8-10 inch) apart in a well-drained soil after the last frost date. You can mulch the plants with dried grass clippings, pine needles, wood chips or another organic material.

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