There are just few annuals that are versatile in the garden as Calibrachoa. Calibrachoa plant bloom continuously from planting until frost, and also with a cascading habit that are ideally suited for containers, hanging baskets or raised beds. Calibrachoa plant look-like a member of the nightshade family, it became available to home gardeners in the 1990s under the name Million Bells®. Calibrachoa plant are commonly grown as annuals in the U.S.
Furthermore, breeding breakthroughs have actually resulted in a wider range of colors, bigger flowers, and increased vigor. Without been told the diversity of hues and patterns makes them invaluable by themselves, or when combined with other plants.

Some basic facts about Calibrachoa plant

The height/spread of the plant: It has sprawling habit, with plants reaching about 12-24 inches wide, 6-12 inches tall, and the trailing stems is up to 30 inches long.

The plant exposure: This plant really blooms best with at least 6 hours of sun, although they can tolerate partial shade.

The bloom time: Let say, planting until frost.

The color and characteristics: Calibrachoa plant really have compact oval green leaves, which are somewhat sticky, and one-inch flowers that also look similar to petunias. Actually, blooms include solid and bicolors, stripes, patterns, and doubles. It has rainbow of colors to choose from, which are coral, purple, yellow, orange, blue, red, pink, burgundy, lavender, and crème, there’s something for everyone. Calibrachoa plants are prolific bloomers with flowers that are self-cleaning, requiring no deadheading. 

The planting instructions

The period to plant: You can plant outside in mid-late spring after all danger of frost has past.

The place to plant: You can grow them in containers or hanging baskets, by themselves or in combination with other plants. Try and make sure your containers have drainage holes. Calibrachoa plant can be planted in bedding displays provided the soil is well amended with good drainage, although it performs best in pots.

How to plant Calibrachoa: You can place potting mix in a hanging basket or container. Make sure you remove purchased plants from the pots they were sold in (usually 4-inch or quart size) and then gently tease the roots out if the plants are pot-bound. You can place 6-12 inches apart and firm soil around the base. Make sure you water well to thoroughly wet the plant and settle the soil around it.

Pest and diseases control: Don’t forget that overwatering can lead to root rot or an infection from one of the Phytophthora species, which can easily kill the plants. By peradventure if the plants are wilted after watering, this can really be a sign of root rot. Don’t also forget that heat stress can make plants susceptible to spider mites, and aphids. This particular plant does not seem tasteful to deer, although they are not classified as deer resistant.

Some of the companion plants: This particular plant combines well with many other annuals. Try and get creative and make your own custom containers using the principle of “thriller, filler, and spiller.”
You can combine them with taller plants like African daisy, angelonia, coleus, purple fountain grass, zonal geranium, or Persian shield. You can also add fillers such as lantana, coral bells, marigold, or sedges.

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